A PASSION FOR PHOTOS, a dark room, the red glow, an enlarger, the smell of developing trays, rolls of film waiting to be unraveled, images hanging on clips in rows…

That´s where it all began! I was a 15 year old boarding school student and that lab was the where I started experimenting with my first shots.

In the digital era we live in, it´s funny how the smell of that dark room still haunts me.

A few years later I started a career in creative advertising, a career I followed for over 27 years with some of biggest agencies in Paris, 17 of which I spent working in several branches of Publicis Group.

I am not what you would call a professional photographer because I neither studied nor practiced that profession. Let’s just say I am a self-enlightened amateur, driven by my passion.

During the course of my career in advertising I had the immense pleasure of coming across books by some of the best photographers in the world:

Elliott Erwitt, Bernard Matussière, Herb Ritts, Irvin Penn, Dimitri Tostoï, Gilles Bensimon, David LaChapelle, Hans Gissinger… to mention just a few.

I even had the privilege of meeting and working with some of them.

You could say that, throughout those years, my eyes were busy devouring wonderful pictures on a daily basis and working with great Art Directors who were also highly skilled in the art of images.

I hope you enjoy my work and wish you a pleasant trip through these pages.

Jean-Benoit Picard